Changelog : Jul 14th, 2022 - Jul 26th, 2022

User Facing changes

  • Switch the order of the session and flows icon on the sidebar
  • Update tooltip to match craft design
  • Change the flow icon
  • Show interactive mode toggle in UI by default
  • Increase the column size of API and reduce the column sizes for other… Update tunnel page
  • Separate columns for Error Status and API Method in the API errors tab (s…
  • Let users change the no-op value of a test step
  • Rename User Flows Title to User Flows for Testing
  • sessions listing page enchancements
  • Show no-op actions by default based on the feature flag
  • Show filter condition on the chip
  • Fix missing new step button in edit test pages
  • Test Recommendation Service - Accessible by default

Updated 30 Jul 2022
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