Flow Maps

The flow map view provides a rich collection of data about your application usage. In addition, it allows you to visually navigate around the application pages to drill down on specific areas of interest.

At the top of the page, you can see the total number of flows identified by Relicx and the aggregated CX coverage of all flows. The aggregated CX coverage can be less than 100%, depending on how many repeating patterns Relicx can identify across user sessions.

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Flow Map Filters

You can see the various user landing points in the ENTRY URL dropdown. These can also be identified with door icons on the flow map.

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You can filter the flow map view based on the ENTRY URLs or CX Coverage range. By default, the flow map shows the top 25 flows ranked by CX coverage. Slide the purple dots on the CX coverage slider to see the flows in the desired CX coverage range.

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Flow Map Nodes

Each node in the Sankey diagram represents a parameterized URL of an application. For applications with static URLs, these will be individual pages of your applications. For data-driven applications, Relicx groups parametrized URLs, with a {...} symbol indicating the variable part. For example, a parameterized URL in Relicx application {...}/sessions?timeFilter={...} represents the session listing page across all applications, as denoted by the leading {...} symbol, and with various time filters as indicated by the trailing {...} symbol.

Parameterized URLs
Parameterized URLs

Click on any flow map node to see all the flows passing through that page. Click on any flow to see the flow details.

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Pinning and Hiding Flows

You can pin flows to highlight specific paths by clicking on the pin icon. Similarly, you can click on the cross icons to temporarily hide flows to declutter the flow map. The pinned and hidden flows are listed on the top of the flow map and can be cleared by clicking the RESET buttons.

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Flow List View

Click on the "Show List" button on the top right-hand side to see a tabular listing of flow details. The list view shows the CX coverage of each flows, the number of user interactions steps, including clicks, user inputs, and page navigation, and the number of tests created to validate this flow in your CI/CD pipeline.

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You can pin any flow on the map by clicking on the pin icon in the list view.

Click on the turquoise arrow on any row to see the flow details.

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Flow Map - Video

Updated 06 Feb 2022
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