Release Risk Score

Relicx is the first product in the industry to enable you to quantify release readiness in terms of customer impact.

Release Risk Score is a quantifiable measure of release readiness to help users make the prod deployment go-no-go decisions.

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How is Release Risk Score Calculated?

The release risk score is calculated based on the CX coverage of the Broken and Untested flows in the “Pre-Release” environment. As applications may have multiple test environments, an environment metadata called "Pre-Release Environment" identifies the base environment for calculating the release risk score.

You must designate a Primary Test Suite to determine the flow test status. A flow is considered Broken if the latest run of any of its tests is "executor failed" or "validation failed" statuses.

Please note that the Draft tests are always considered untested for Release Risk Score calculation purposes, regardless of their test execution status. Please make sure to activate the draft tests to reflect their successful execution status on the Release Risk Score.

Configuring Release Risk Thresholds

User-configurable thresholds determine how the release risk scores are color-coded in the UI.

  • CRITICAL: If the release risk score is higher than this threshold (default 25%), the risk score status becomes RED.
  • WARNING: The release risk score is shown as ORANGE if this threshold is exceeded but is below the CRITICAL threshold. Default 10%

If none of these thresholds are violated, the release risk score is shown as GREEN.

Updated 23 Feb 2022
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