Running a Test

Running a test is currently restricted to design partners. If you want to join the design partner program please contact us at info@relicx.ai

Validating a Draft Test

If you have created a new test, it will be marked as a Draft after creation. You can select the Test and click on the VALIDATE TEST button in the Upper Right corner. This will run the test for the first time to help you validate any data and parametrization issues. Once the validation run is successful, the test can be activated.

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Clicking on the VALIDATE TEST will brng up the test run modal, where you can specify

  • Environment against which the validation run should be performed. Relicx will pick your Pre-Release environment by default but you can pick any environment from the pick list.
  • Execution Location. You can run tests from our default cloud location if your test environment is accessible on the Internet. Relicx also supports a Private Tunnels for test environments that are behind a firewall.
  • Test Parameter values default to values entered by the user, unless those inputs are redacted. You can update the defualt values based on the data available in your test environment. The updated values will be saved for the future run.

The test can automatically activated if the validation run is successful if the checkbox at the bottom of the screen is checked.

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Viewing Test Run Report

A validate run is just a regular test run and you can view the validation status on the test run report page. You will be automatically taken to this screen when you click the "Validate Test" button.

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Activating a Draft Tests

Activating a draft test is your way to indicate to Relicx that you are done validating (or editing) tests and it can now be used for Release Risk assessment. A Draft must successfully pass the validation run before it can be activated.

To activate a Draft test

  • Check the "Automatically activate test if the vaidation run is successful" checkbox on the Validate Run screen.
  • Alternatively, you can access the Activate Test" button from the three dot menu as shown below
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Updated 22 Feb 2022
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