Test Suite

Authoring and executing Test Suites is currently restricted to design partners. If you want to join the design partner program please contact us at info@relicx.ai

Test Suites provide a way to group tests together. Relicx allows you to create groups of tests through test suits.

Creating a Test Suite

To create a test suite, select one or more tests from the test listing page.

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Viewing and Managing Test Suites

To view and manage test suite, pick Suites from the Show picklist on the top right hand corner of the test listing page.

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Primary Test Suite

You can designate a test suite as "Primary". At any given time, only one test suite can be designated as a primary test suite which is used to determine the release risk score. Relicx recommends that you integrate your primary test suite with your CI/CD release pipeline. Before every release, you can execute the primary test suite and based on the risk score decide whether to go ahead with the release.

The primary test suite can be identified by a star icon next to its name.

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To change the primary test suite, click on the star icon next to any test suite. You will be prompted with a cautionary message that this may impact your release risk score.

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Updated 22 Feb 2022
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