CI/CD Integration

You can integrate Relicx with your CI/CD pipeline using GitHub Actions or CLI.

Github Actions


To generate the Github Actions code navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> CI/CD

Python CLI


Please ensure the following pre-requisites are met before using the python cli

  • python3
  • Access to https://app.relicx.ai
  • Alternatively you may have to install urllib package if you come across this error ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'urllib3'

Now install the Relicx package


Once the setup is complete, execute the test suite with the following commands. You can also generate the command from the product by navigating to Settings -> Integrations -> CI/CD

export relicx_username= <credentials> export relicx_password= <credentials> python -m relicx.cli --app_id <app_id> run_test_suite --environment_id <env_id> --test_suite_id <test_suite_id> --wait true

Set wait to true to make the run blocking and false otherwise. A blocking run will make your CD wait until the test suite execution has finished.

Updated 26 Apr 2022
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