Testing Firewall Protected Apps

This feature is currently restricted to design partners. If you want to join the design partner program please contact us at info@relicx.ai

Relicx executes tests from cloud locations. For applications that aren’t accessible over the public internet, Relicx supports the following options

  • IP Whitelisting: You can whitelist our IP to allow incoming requests from our Cloud test executors.
  • Private Locations. This feature lets you install a dockerized Relicx agent (based on Open Source Chisel project) within their network to create a secure outbound connection to the Relicx cloud endpoint (proxy.relicx.ai). The connection is a TCP tunnel transported over HTTPS and runs a socks proxy server locally exposed via a reverse port forward. Connections are authenticated with a set of credentials generated per agent/location. This allows the RelicX test execution service in the cloud to securely access the private location. The agent is automatically disconnected when the private location is deleted.

Creating and Installing a Private Location

To create a private location, click on "Settings" on the navigation bar, followed by Tunnels, and the “Add New” button on the top of the Tunnels page.

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Enter a location/tunnel name and click “Save”. Please copy or save the command shown on the next screen. This command downloads the dockerized Relicx agent and configures it to connect to the Relicx cloud endpoint using the unique authentication token generated for this tunnel. This completes the private location installation process.

Running Tests Using Private Locations

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Pick the desired private location from the “Location” picklist under the “Environment Configuration” section on the Run Test screen.

Updated 26 Apr 2022
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