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What is Relicx?

Relicx is the industry's first CX-Driven DevOps platform that integrates customer experience observability into your DevOps pipeline to help you proactively find and fix bugs before they cause customer churn. With Relicx, you can

  • Proactively identify errors and performance issues impacting the customer experience
  • Quickly debug the problems with full session replay, browser console logs, stack trace, and other diagnostics details
  • Test real user flows in your CI/CD pipeline
  • Measure release risk terms of customer impact and release with the confidence

How Does it Work?

Relicx uses an ultra-lightweight browser script tag to record live user sessions with total data privacy without any noticeable performance impact. The recorded user sessions are then analyzed using Machine Learning to identify user flows and generate automated end-to-end tests to validate those flows in your CI/CD pipeline. It then provides you with a release risk score to help you quantify the impact of broken flows on the customer experience and prioritize the fixes based on customer impact.

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Relicx features several industry-first innovations, including

  • Automatic extraction of User Flows from sessions. Relicx uses machine intelligence to look for similarities within user sessions to identify the various patterns.
  • CX Coverage, as a quantifiable metric, to measure the popularity of a user flow and quantify the release risk of a broken flow. A CX Coverage of 5%, for instance, implies that a flow represents 5% of user activities.
  • Automatic generation of Real-world End-to-End tests. Relicx generated tests are 100% automatically generated and simulate the exact user behavior in your CD pipeline. These AI-powered tests are fully parametrized and leverage Smart Selector technology to ensure test resilience across application and data changes. Of course, Relicx allows you to edit tests if you wish, but you don't have to.
  • Release Risk Score provides you a quantifiable metric to make go, no-go release decisions. A release risk of 11%, for instance, implies 11% of your users may be impacted by due to broken flows. A flow is considered broken if one or more tests based on that flow have failed.

Why Relicx?

  • Debug and fix customer problems in minutes - no more second-guessing what may be causing the problem. See the user session video replay to understand the precise sequence of steps that causes the problem, along with the full browser console and logs, stack traces, and a ton of other diagnostics data.
  • Dramatically improve software quality with automatically generated end-to-end tests ready to be run in your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Save enormous time, efforts, costs in creating and maintaining tests. Relicx tests are fully parametrized to be run cross-environment and use AI/ML-powered Smart Selector technology to ensure test stability across UI or application changes.
  • Make customer experience and data-driven release decisions. You will be able to measure, predict, and improve quality as seen by customers - a revolutionary approach that allows you to focus on quality as a business outcome vs. testing as painful, labor-intensive engineering grunt work.

Relicx Overview Video Walkthrough

Updated 26 Apr 2022
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