Session Replay and Detail

The session detail page allows the user to see a complete replay of their customer session. In the world of Cloud-based SaaS applications, it is almost impossible to ask customers to provide a reproducible use case to troubleshoot errors. The session replay page is the developer's best friend to see where the customer is encountering a problem or even how did the customer navigate to the specific page. To answer How did the customer encounter this issue? check out the session replay page.

Viewing Session Replay Video

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Click on the video controls to start playing the session replay video. You can now see the user interactions exactly the way they performed in the session.

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Session Steps

In addition to showing you the session replay video, Relicx parses the user sessions to extract the following

  • User steps, showing in plain English the action performed by the user e.g, Wrote <value> in the <Object>, Clicked on <Object>, etc. You will also see redaction in action here. For the redacted fields, you will see a redacted token parameter, e.g. Wrote REDACTED_PASSWORD in <Object>.
  • Relicx also analyzes the page DOM to extract user interaction Objects. The concept object is similar to Selenium Object Repository. It is a collection of locators that are used to locate that element on the page while executing tests. Relicx objects use AI-driven Smart Locator technology to intelligently locate objects across application and data changes using a rich collection of attributes that traverse DOM hierarchy and visual locators. You can view the object details through mouse hover on any object in the step list.
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  • Click on any session step to advance the video to that step. You will see the object referenced in that step highlighted in a red bounding box.
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Viewing User Details

To view additional user details such as geo map, browser and device info, etc., click on the USER DETAILS tab.

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The Session Replay page also provides deeper debugging through the Developer Console and customer insights in the Heatmaps pages

Generating Tests Based on User Sessions

Thanks to all the hard work done by Relicx while parsing an incoming user session, you can convert a user session into automated end-to-end tests that are ready to be run into your CI/CD Pipeline. Just click on the GENERATE TEST button and specify a test name and you are done!

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The ability to generate a test from any session provides a way to validate any fix that the developer may have created to address any issue.

The Session Replay page also provides deeper debugging through the Developer Console and customer insights in the Heatmaps pages

Session Replay Video Walkthrough

Updated 20 Feb 2022
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