User Sessions

Once you have instrumented your application, Relicx will start capturing user sessions. Your customer activities will start showing up almost immediately. Click on the sessions widget on the application bar on your dashboard. You will land on the session listing page.

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Viewing and Searching User Sessions

On the sessions listing page, sessions are listed in order of their timestamp. You can change the time range in the upper right menu to switch between the default of 7 Days to other time ranges. The health trend chart shows a time bucketed distribution of healthy, error, and slow page load sessions. The session filter allows you to search for sessions based on various session attributes like browser, device, platform.

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To search through the session listing, click on the FILTER button

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Session and Health Analytics

The session information gets aggregated across various dimensions in the ANALYTICS tab. In the Analytics tab, you can see TOP PAGE VISITS, TOP ERRORS, and SLOWEST PAGES.

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On the TOP PAGE VISITS sub-tab, pages in your app are ordered in the frequency of visits for the selected time range. The TOP ERRORS sub-tab summarizes the top errors by pages and number of times encountered. We will discuss more these pages in the Problem Sessions section

The Browser, Device, and Location sub-tabs aggregate session information across various categories.

Session Listing Page Video Walkthrough

Updated 20 Feb 2022
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